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Cast Creative • London • Interactive Design – WordPress Development & Maintenance

The Key

Cast Creative Ltd, was established in 1995 and have over the past two decades developed an ever increasing portfolio of print, digital interactive and web design. We have developed projects for customers from high-street magazine publishers, B2B publishers, national newspapers, IT, marine industry, and corporate global marketing campaigns.

The wealth of experience in editorial design has been key to knowing what works well in print as well as on a website, pushing boundaries as customers are transiting across. Our strength is in WordPress  site development and maintenance, where we are continuously developing our design and web technology.

There is always more to good design than meets the eye …

Good design is neither insignificant nor is it the end-all be-all, however, it is often ignored as a costly extra, merely there as a bit of eye candy.  Visual design for print or digital publication is the means of good communication, through artful individual illustrations and photography, focused and engaging copy, good typography, persuasive colours and layout execution – the devil is in the detail.

A visual presentation is about using the form, the shape, the feeling of a product to improve the user’s experience, it’s so simple that everyone think to do it. So why should you bother investing in good professional design? – Because you have just eight seconds to catch that interest of your client you have worked so hard for. And not succeeding could be more expensive than your investment in great design.

Branding goes beyond the surface, past the name and logo, do you have a brand?

A brand connect with its customers. Successfully branding, a product or a service, makes you stand out from your competition. It could turn prospective consumers into loyal customers. However, a brand is more than the product it is about creating a connection with the customer, – we can help you with one side of that page…

Simplicity, accessibility and function‘ is the core philosophy when planning a website; one word minimalism

Architecture and web design has a lot in common, logic, space, accessibility and access to the rest of the world and it’s amenities. All organised in a recognised and easily understandable framework so visitors are not get lost before making that positive decision.

The next step is to connect your brand and product to the web technology, giving every visitor the same presentation, which in turn will lead to that treasured contact or direct purchase.

Effective communication comes from keeping the message simple, real and current!

Keeping the web presentation up-to-date is very important,  the time when the same message was sitting untouched for month or even years is over.  Visitors expect to find a fresh bit of information, a new angle to the product, a new offer, updating – it must be done and prioritised to make the website work efficiently as a sales or contact tool.

Finally the security issue – having a presence on the internet is not without risk, however, with a base in WordPress we are provided with several of-the-peg solutions which can mitigate and maintaining a high level of security. The website must be followed on a daily routine, making sure all attempts are monitored and updates are applied.


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